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Quarterly Newsletter 12/31/2023

Over the winter break I had a chance to participate in the 4th annual, adult child, golf tournament with my 13 year old son Brayden. We had a great time. For those of you who don’t know, I love golf. I try my best to play once a week. It doesn’t always work out that way, but when it does, I am a happy guy. Brayden, on the other hand, doesn’t play all that often. He would prefer to watch YouTube or play video games. As a result, you can imagine, our father-son team didn’t perform all that well. But we had a great time.


During the round I noticed something interesting. Brayden would come to me before each shot and ask what club he should use or where he should aim. He was leveraging my knowledge of the course to try and perform his best. This is not much different than what you all do. You leverage the experience of Rosenblatt Advisors to ensure you are doing your best. Though you may think you’ve hired just a plain old financial advisory firm to manage your money, you’ve actually bought much more. We have helped clients find houses, find spouses, learn new iPhone skills, protect identity, get life insurance, buy televisions, protect estates, prepare tax returns, track down lost money, hire contractors, real estate agents, attorneys and so much more. Going above and beyond our clients’ expectations is what we take the most pride in.


One part of our business that I wanted to shed some light on is our money management business. Many of you already participate in this, but some of you do not. A bunch of years ago, Rosenblatt Advisor’s developed 9 portfolios ranging from ultra conservative to aggressive growth that we actively manage for our clients. We charge an annual fee for this service, but the fee is usually covered each year by the performance of the accounts. Many of our non-advisory clients have shifted their accounts into these programs because of the added benefits and great results. If you are interested in making this shift as well, please give the office a call and we can see if it makes sense for you.


Well, it’s that time of the year again. Time for predictions. Last year I was on track with my prediction of a down year and then the Federal Reserve unexpectedly pivoted their monetary policy which resulted in a 9-week consecutive win streak for the markets. My dad always said, don’t fight the Fed and keep a close eye on tax policy. Well, it appears as if the Fed is on pause for the foreseeable future and taxes will remain constant until 2026. Valuations are a little elevated, but not too crazy, so I am predicting a positive year with the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Russell 200 small cap index beating out the tech heavy Nasdaq 100. As much as we would love a straight 45-degree angle up, the market doesn’t work that way. Expect a lot of volatility as geopolitical events play out and our Presidential Election heats up and then cools down.


I am a firm believer that everyone should have a financial advisor and life coach. If you have a friend or family member that can benefit from the services we provide, feel free to make the introduction.


Thank you for your loyalty and friendship. Looking forward to a healthy and prosperous 2024.


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