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Retirement Planning

Retirement has vastly changed over the years, particularly since the most recent recession. Your grandparents and parents likely relied on pensions, private savings, and Social Security to build a stable income for retirement. Today, there is an increasing burden on individuals and families to ensure their assets last through their retirement. These changes demand a new way of planning.

One of the biggest reasons why some people don’t feel prepared for retirement is because they aren’t sure exactly how much money they need to retire and how to ensure they don’t outlive their assets. Through our retirement planning services, our goal is to help you answer these questions and others regarding Social Security, leaving a legacy, mitigating taxes, and creating a steady stream of retirement income.

At Rosenblatt Advisors, we believe that it’s never too early to start saving for retirement, and it’s never too late to create a retirement strategy. Whether you are young in your career or transitioning into retirement, we strive to help you feel more confident and prepared for your future by creating a personalized strategy aligned with your needs and goals. Our retirement planning process often includes analyzing income sources, managing assets, determining future expenses, and estate planning. Beyond developing a retirement strategy, we can assist clients with 401(k) rollovers, long-term care insurance, and other complex financial elements of retirement.