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Quarterly Newsletter- 10/01/2017

Dear Clients,

It's hard believe that just a short 10 years ago one of the most revolutionary and disruptive product to ever hit the consumer market was unveiled: the "iPhone." Just think of all the industries the iPhone disrupted. The music industry, the weather industry, the taxi industry, the television and movie industry, retail stores, print media, communications companies, etc. etc. etc. We are in the midst of a new technological revolution and I want to discuss three up and coming, game changing technologies.

Driverless vehicle technology has been around for years, but over the past decade the technology has improved to the point where one company has now driven over 3 million incident free miles. Just think of how disruptive a technology this is. Taxis, Uber, Lift, shipping and trucking companies all will no longer need drivers. Accidents should drop significantly putting pressure on auto body shops and car insurance companies.

Electric power in the United States is currently generated by 3 primary sources: natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy. Power generation by solar power is currently dwarfed by these three sources; however, it's growing rapidly as a result of significant price decreases and greater efficiency. The cost of solar panels has dropped so quickly in fact, many experts believe it will be the cheapest energy source within a few years. If this comes to fruition, the oil and gas industry, electric power and electric storage companies will all be disrupted.

The final disruptive technology I am most excited about it Crispr. You are probably asking yourself, what is Crispr? On a real basic level, Crispr is a technology that allows doctors to cut bad genes out of you and replace them with good ones. In theory, if you have a cancerous gene in your system, the doctor can cut it out and replace it with a non-cancerous one. Now you may be thinking this is science fiction, but, in actuality, this technology is here now and the technological revolution is making all of this possible.

These three up and coming technologies are just a sampling of what’s to come. I am more excited now than ever before about the future and you should be too.

This commentary is neither a recommendation nor offer to sell securities, especially those related to industries discussed.