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Quarterly Newsletter- 07/07/2020

Back in January our family decided to get a new dog. I must admit, initially I was dead against it. Why would I want to add more chaos to the calm life I was trending towards? Fast forward 5 months and I must admit, getting a dog has been one of the best decisions our family has made. Our dog Frankie, the labradoodle, is the best dog. He has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. So, you may be asking yourself, why is Craig talking about his dog in a quarterly financial letter. The answer is, while taking Frankie on a walk the other day, I realized there is an amazing correlation between Frankie and the stock markets. 

Frankie and stock markets are completely unpredictable. One-minute Frankie can be asleep on the floor and the next minute he can be racing around the house like his tail is on fire. The stock market is completely unpredictable as well. One day it may be up a large percentage and another day it may be down a large percentage.  It is very hard to predict the movements of the market in the short run just likes it’s very hard to predict what Frankie is going to do minute by minute so do not waste your time trying.

Frankie has the tendency to be a cheeky puppy. If you leave a shoe or slipper out for more than a minute, there is a good chance it will be torn into pieces. We have been training Frankie to not eat shoes and slippers as well as to go to the bathroom in the right spots and obey commands. This hard work we are putting now will hopefully pay off some time in the future. This in no different from investing. we take our hard-earned money, invest it in the markets, and hope it will grow in the future. Whether you are new to investing or a season veteran, patiently investing for the long run should provide for a lifetime of financial confidence just like how Frankie should provide our family with a lifetime of companionship.



Craig Rosenblatt, CPA

Financial Advisor

California Insurance License #0E18620