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Quarterly Newsletter- 01/01/2018

January 1st, 2018

Dear Clients: 

Every quarter I write a client letter about something on my mind. Sometimes the topic is tax based, sometimes it is finance related and sometimes it is just my ramblings. This 1st quarter letter is going to be about a team member change here at Rosenblatt Advisors. Very rarely in life do you come across and an individual who cares so much for others she dedicates her life to helping them. For the past 12 years, our executive assistant Kelly Asplund has loyally served our clients and the Rosenblatt team with compassion, dedication and determination. She is a master conversationalist even though she would always say she would prefer not to pick up the phone and be bothered. Her paper piles were epic and her ability to important remember facts about clients was impeccable. We all have fond memories of the conversations we had with Kelly whether it was about our beloved pets, family members or just the weather. Kelly always knew how to make us feel good. Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end, and Kelly has decided to retire. On behalf of Jay and I, and all the Rosenblatt Advisors team, we wish to thank Kelly for all her hard work and wish her the best in her retirement. 

Replacing a Hall of Fame administrative assistant is never an easy task, but Jay and I believe we have found two diamonds in the rough who will start the process of filling Kelly’s large shoes immediately. Our recent new hire Jessica Tufte comes to us with over 7 years of financial planning administrative experience from Ameriprise and she is fully licensed. She will be taking over where Kelly left off. She will be your primary contact for money requests, form requests and paperwork processing.

Kerry Nelson, our other fully licensed team member, just returned from maternity leave and we are so happy to have her back. Kerry will be filling our junior advisor role. She will be creating financial plans, monitoring client’s portfolios and performing client outreach. Feel free to pepper her with any your challenging questions.

As always, I am always available as well, so feel free to call any time. Thank you all so much for the many years of loyal friendship. I truly believe the best is yet to come.