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October 1, 2014

Dear Valued Client,

Recently, I had the privilege of going on a trip with Cetera Advisor Networks to the Canadian Rockies. It is truly beautiful country. During the trip, we had a guest motivational speaker named Jeff Evans. Jeff is a world renowned mountain climber. He has ascended some of the highest peaks in the world, including Mount Everest.  The unique thing about Jeff is that his climbing partner is totally blind. Both Jeff and his partner have been climbing together for over 20 years.

What does this story have to do with investing and the financial markets?  The answer is absolutely nothing!  But, it does give us insight into commitment, trust, dedication and experience.  Imagine not being able to see and have your partner tell you to jump 5 feet over a crevasse or leap into a river which lies 40 feet below. To feel comfortable in completing any such task, you would need to have the utmost trust and respect for your partner.

Over the past 25 years we have aspired to earn your trust and want you to view Rosenblatt Advisors as part of your team.  A partner in assessing your current and future financial goals. Our commitment and dedication in having you succeed is why we come to work every day. In the example of mountain climbing, partners are tied to each other by rope. The success of the team is defined by the weakest member on the rope. Each member has to pull their own weight for the expedition to succeed.  Here at Rosenblatt Advisors our team is tied to you.  Sometimes we lead and sometimes you lead, but in the end reaching your objectives is what really matters most.

We may not always reach the summit of our personal Mount Everest, but making the journey and leaping across our own personal crevasses is that much easier knowing the Rosenblatt team has your back.


Jay K. Rosenblatt, CFPCraig J. Rosenblatt, CPA
Financial AdvisorFinancial Advisor
CA Insurance Lic. # 0762973CA Insurance Lic. # 0E18620


 PS: Have a wonderful Holiday Season!