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December 2011

As we wrap up 2011, we close out one of the most volatile years ever recorded in market history. The unprecedented market movements made us feel like we were on a roller coaster ride all year long. At the end of the ride we ended up in the same place we started just a lot dizzier. Unfortunately, Jay and I believe the same type of market action will continue through 2012 and here’s why: 1) China’s slowing. 2) Iran is unstable 3) Europe has yet to fix their debt crisis. 4) A presidential election 5) Low interest rates 6) Unstable housing market and 7) Unemployment is slowly improving, but not fast enough to sustain above average economic growth.

Despite all the negative headlines, the resilience of the American consumer and American business is impressive. We continue to see glimmers of positive economic news which should balance out the negative news. Being properly invested during these challenging times is vital to your financial success.

You may or may not know this, but our company now offers a new personal management system called Prime. A Prime account allows you the flexibility to change your account as markets change. Please ask us if this type of account is suitable for you.

We hope you had a very happy holiday season and we look forward to a prosperous new year.


Jay K. Rosenblatt, CFPCraig J. Rosenblatt, CPA
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