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April 1, 2012

Dear Clients:

Spring has arrived and I thought it would be interesting to compare real life with investing strategies.  Here is a little story about what happened to me last week and the parallel we can draw.

I had just finished playing a round of golf at my club and was driving down 80 toward 580 to meet my wife at Craig’s home to play with his twins. (Craig was stuck in the office working late.)  I had mapped out a route to take to his home and was going to take the 80/580 freeway all the way from El Cerrito.

It was a great plan and should have taken only 45 minutes down the freeway with no issues. Wrong, the freeway was a parking lot!  In my haste to get to Craig’s house, I decided to pull off the freeway and take surface streets.  San Pablo Ave. was moving, but at a snail’s pace.  Driving slowly, but not fully paying attention – boom – I had a minor fender bender. The end result was I didn’t make it to Craig’s home in 45 minutes, it took 1 ½ hours once all information was exchanged with the other party.

How does this story relate to human nature and the market you might ask?  I believe the answer is obvious. We all start out with a great plan, but as soon as a few things don’t go our way we want to shift from our original plan. What do you do now?  Stay the course?  Change directions?

Don’t get spooked by unexpected market swings. Reevaluate your portfolio with our help. Go over your budget and adjust it to meet your portfolio goals. Call us for an appointment either in person or on the phone.

We thank you for being our loyal clients.


Jay K. Rosenblatt, CFPCraig J. Rosenblatt, CPA
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